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Spiritual Warfare Effectiveness Training:  SWET is a weekend adventure for men, initiating them into mature male adulthood.  The mission of SWET is to create a world of love and integrity one man at a time from the inside out.  SWET has reached hundreds of men young and old.  (

Grant's Blog: Read what Grant has to say on current spiritual thought and events. (

Creekside: The independent congregation Grant pastors in Pennsylvania, emergent Christianity.  (

iNewChurch: Where you can hear Grant's Sunday talks at Creekside. (

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Self Help and Recovery

Anonymous One (

Association of Happiness for All Mankind (
Meditation retreat and spiritual training center for self-inquiry and enlightenment.
Spiritual Recovery: the missing component of treatment.
Christian Recovery International (
Helping the Christian community to become a safe and helpful place for people recovering from addiction, abuse or trauma.
Joy2MeU (
Information on codependency, emotional healing, dysfunctional relationships, Spiritual Awakening, inner child healing, alcoholism, fear of intimacy, twelve step recovery, and more.
Powerfully Recovered (
Spiritual Light Journey (
Spiritual Light Journey: spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars,and informational E-magazine relating to spirituality, self-help, new thought, and metaphysics.
Spiritual Way (
The purpose of Spiritual Way is to embrace the inner self and to promote recovery and heal relationships.
The Women's Addiction Foundation (
A public foundation committed to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness of women whose lives have been affected by their misuse of, or dependency on alcohol or other drugs.

Men's and Women's Issues

Bryn Athyn Men's Gathering (

Generation Sigma (
Generation Sigma is a relational network of college-aged and adult men across the United States who are united by their commitment to pursue masculinity and spirituality.
Genesis Consultants, Inc. online store (
A Therapeutic and Educational Center for Women, Men, Couples, and Families. Featuring: If I'd Only Known...Sexual Abuse in or out of the Family: A Guide to Prevention
Hollow Bones  .( A Meditation Retreat associated with Mankind Project and Woman Within
Mankind Project (
A Man's Life (
Claims to be the "complete contents of a man's life."
The Men's Center (
MenStuff (
The most comprehensive website dealing with men's issues on the internet.
Teen Boot Camps (
Boot Camping services for troubled teens. Provide information and services to parents who want to place their child in boot camp or boarding school.
Warrior Monk (

More Ways to Grow

Ask Bea and Deb (
Telephone Coaching and Counseling.Take advantage of professional coaching and counseling sessions from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. We can help you figure out the very next steps you can take to move forward in your life.

Confidence World (
FREE Confidence building exercises, tools and resources for a confident new you
Conscious & Creative Living (
Robert Gerzon, nationally-known author of "Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety," is a holistic psychotherapist, life coach and spiritual mentor who offers highly-effective personal growth, spirituality and relationship resources.
Conquering Fear (
Sure-fire techniques to help you conquer fear and attract success, prosperity and excitement into your life!
Conquering Stress ( )
Conquer Stress, Depression & Anxiety! Quickly, Permanently, Naturally!
Executive Coaching Studio ( )
Executive coaching services and consultancy for businesses.
A weekly e-mail magazine for people seeking encouragement and fresh perspectives. Our intent is to inspire through motivational stories, poems and uplifting quotes, while balanced with lighthearted humor, historic wonders, interesting news and helpful tips on relationship skills, health issues, world travel and more.
Inspiration2Go (
Fill your life with joy, freedom and inspiration. Our series of motivation articles, e-books, newsletter and personal counseling will empower and motivate you to create an abundance of joy, freedom and inspiration in your daily life.
Life Coaching Studio ( )
Improve your life coaching business and find more clients here!
Mary Bontempo ( )
Reiki, reiki music and meditation cd's, dolphin swims in Key Largo, shamanic study in the Andes of Peru with the Q'eros, Inca Initiations, Holy Family trail & Mary apparition sites plus Goddess energy sites in Egypt, Nile cruises. Mary lives and works in Egypt based out of a bed and breakfast facing the Sphinx.
Management Training ( )
Management training courses and development programs for all levels of
Spiritual Atlanta (
Atlanta’s first non-denominational eCommunity center. We offer you quick access to spiritual uplift and fellowship in the form of articles, columns, regularly updated web calendar, message board & chat room -- all for free!
Transformational Thinking - Welcome to the Thinking Age! ( )
Improve your life coaching business and find more clients here!